Superstitions about Good Friday 2017


Good Friday 2017 is a day observed by Christian community. According to history, Jesus died on the Friday before the Easter Day. So, it is observed as the death anniversary of Jesus Christ. People celebrate it differently throughout the world. The Good Friday 2017 would be celebrated on 14th April. There are different superstitions attached to this day. This article will cover different superstitions observed all over the world.

  • People do not work

In past times, people usually avoid doing any activity because they believe that iron nails were put on the arms and legs of Jesus Christ. It could be any sort of daily activity. They believe that if they work then some bad luck would attach to them. So, they need to take holiday from their work or other routine activities.

  • Blessed with gold and silver cramp rings

In middle ages, the monarchs of England blessed silver or gold cramp rings on this precious day. They believed that these rings can protect people against palsy and epilepsy. This custom is discontinued now.

  • People eat hot cross buns

It is observed that people of England eat hot cross buns on this Holy day. These buns are actually associated with a number of superstitions. Some believes that these hot cross buns or other breads would always be fresh while others believe that the bread baked on Good Friday can prevent any bad luck. Moreover, some consider it as a cure of many intestinal diseases.

  • Avoid washing clothes

In English and French, people avoid washing clothes on this day. They had a superstition that people may find any mysterious blood spots on their new garments if they wash cloths on Good Friday.

  • Sowing seeds

People of some countries believe that sowing seeds on this Holy day would bloom for sure. They associate sowing parsley with devils and believe that sowing such seeds would keep the devil far. However, potatoes are sown in the western part of the United States.

  • Avoid cutting hair

German people believe that cutting hairs on Good Friday can bring bad luck to their lives so people should avoid it.

These superstitions are too strictly followed in a number of countries. They follow it every year no matter how advanced the society become. The Good Friday 2017 would also make them believe on such superstitions.


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