Efficient and reliable option to loose pounds with HCG!

A widespread question, what is HCG? Many are aware, many are not. HCG is a hormone present in both women and also among men. You need to familiarize with HCG concept, only then opt for diet protocol. Supports and caters many functions, out of which primarily it does weight loss. The purest form is HCG is termed as glycoprotein. HCG injections, shots supplements are prescribed for checking weight. Decreases appetite, burns fat, few of the major tasks for reducing weight is catered by HCG. To successfully complete diet, you need to be sure about what is HCG, what are its protocols, side effects, methods.

What is HCG	HCG Loading The exciting phrase- loading time!

Load on! Yes you heard it right! Theloading phrase is to goggle up whatever you get near you. The consuming capacity must get fulfilled and stuffed with all fatty foods! You need to get the most from it, as the strict days are soon to arrive! This phrase allows you to gain weight for a good purpose that is losing weight! Seems funny, but that’s how it will work! HCG loading in indeed amusing, but then, you get prepared for the crucial aspect of diet. Occupies for 3-4 days mostly, starts with HCG drops. This phrase aims at building enough body fat, which are to be burnt up for reduction.

List of suitable food range

Some recommended food for your loading can be:

Bacon, Bread, Eggs, Fried, meat, Mayonnaise, Milk chocolate, Pastries, Avocados, Beef pies, Candies, butter cookies, corn dogs, doughnuts, French fries, gravy, hamburgers, hot dogs, hot fudge, ice-cream, olive oil, pies, pizza, peanut butter, potato chips, rice sauces, nuts, pork, pot pies, burgers, fried chicken, heavy cream and cheese.

A sample diet routine you can follow:

  • Breakfast- you can choose some hamburgers, with cheese, sum bacon, sausages and cheese omelette.
  • Midmorning snack- consumes a doughnut with some heavy cream, some strawberry or a glass of juice.
  • Lunch- pork chops, with boiled baked potatoes dipped in mayonnaise or some sour cream. Some roll, with fried chicken and lot of butter in eat.
  • Afternoon snacks- enjoy some Oreo snacks or get some ice-cream with chocolate sauces. Fruit juices from some great shop can also be beneficial.
  • Dinner- Alfredo with some garlic bread stuffed with creamy cheese, some salad, followed by a dessert of cakes or chocolates.
  • Midnight snacks are huge cravings, cappuccino, or your preferred coffee, chocolates, snacks, ice-creams, pies or some chips.

What is HCG	HCG Loading

Risky impacts caused by HCG on human

HCG is bliss in life, but everything has another flipping side. Over dosageor presence of other chronic diseases can  leads to dangers, like irritation, serious allergies, hormonal imbalances, miscarries, body pain, nausea, fatigue, ovary diseases in women, early puberty, blood clots, blockage, multiple failed pregnancy, painful rupture, appearing big breasts among male, and serious birth defects.

With reliable knowledge about HCG you acquire various health benefits. Weight loosing becomes an easy task; which can be achieved in very short time. The HCG products are available everywhere within your reach.