How to take Proper Care on a Bearded Dragon

Bearded Dragons are likely to be as a pet of many people these days. If you are one of them then the first thing you should know understands the proper care on your Beardie. These are the reptile animals live in the desert areas. The pet shops bring them from their locations and grow in the cages to new births that they sell to the customer. If you are pet lover of a beardie then you should know on which living conditions these reptiles live and what food precautions to take to feed the animal. There are many others factors also consider on taking good care on your Beardie They are naturally grown in high temperature areas like deserts, semi arid areas, open forests, and woodland places. They generally take the food of small insects and vegetables. They love to eat crickets a lot and some other worms and insects. As they grow in the desert areas, proper lighting should be provided to the reptile to live.  If you are a pet lover and have an idea to purchase a Bearded Dragon then you need to know the following caring solutions to your reptile.

Basic requirements of Bearded Dragon:

Living Place:  The Bearded Dragon living place must be appropriate that it should adjust with its body conditions. A cold temperature will not suit to the reptile and it also leads to the diseases. A proper cage with sufficient lighting facility is to be provided to the reptile. Even though there must be enough space, a standard reptile cage containing dragons should have proper ventilation and heat. These animals enjoy living in hard rocks, sand and trees, etc. Provide a cage with some small trees, sand and rocks to the animal.

Temperature and lighting:

happypets24.comProper ventilation is required to the animal to survive in the cage. Body of the lizard is organized on Thermoregulation that means they absorb both heat and cold temperatures from the atmosphere. The lighting facility should also provide with UV-A and UV-B rays. If the temperature is cold outside, this light helps them to survive with heat inside. These lizards require both light and dark situations based on the seasons.

Food and feeding:

You can get many commercial products available in the market to feed the animal and they often hesitate to have this. If you want to grow your lizard naturally, then feed it with the natural dragon foods like insects and vegetables. The crickets are most eaten food by the reptiles and they can be easily found. You can also grow these crickets as a food to your pet. This feeding provides proper amount of nutrients and energy to the animal. If you found any disappointment in the performance of reptile then surely it is sick due to the wrong feeding. So to make your lizard active, feed it with the proper explained foods. You can get more information about the bearded dragon by visiting the site