Taking A Vision: The Vision Of God To The World

The man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has inspired many youth from all over the world. They have become passionate about spreading the gospel around the globe. They know that the message they carry must be preached to everyone. Pastor Chris of the Christ Embassy has opened many ministries that help the world to realize the vision of God.

Healing School – What it is all about?

The well-known around the world Healing School of Christ Embassy is the ministry of healing of pastor Chris Oyakhilome that demonstrates the healing work of Jesus Christ. It has also helped many to receive the healing by the way of the operation of the gifts of the spirit. Many people who, until now, had been given for dead, have received the healing power of God at the different healing sessions of the schools organized by the Man of God pastor Chris Oyakhilome. At the school, the magic of healing, as described in the days of Bible are re-created. There have been greater wonders and signs had been seen at the Healing School.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Rhapsody of Realities – A Book that can change your lives

 It is a life guide that carries the rich teachings of words of God. It is reputed as the world’s top daily devotional. A few millions of the copies of the Bible Study Guide and daily devotional have been distributed in over 800 languages in around 242 countries. New languages are being included constantly so that its reach could be made more accessible to different part of the globe. Its aim is to bring the richness of God’s word into everyone’s lives. Little wonders the devotional, often called as Messenger Angel of Rhapsody of realities also features LoveWorld news. LoveWorld news is a complete pictorial and colored middle page magazine containing recent updates and reports of the programs of ministry around the world. It has been designed to improve the spiritual growth and development. Additionally, it is also inspirational, revelation and word based articles, every one of the addition also features a special weekly word-study page. They teach you about certain keywords and their connotations and imports.

International School of Ministry – A School with a greater purpose

The International school of ministry was established by the Christ Embassy with the purpose of specifically training and equipping the ministers of gospel of Christ. The school also builds in them the realities of the words of God and enabling them to carry the message of lasting life in Jesus Christ to their world, demonstrating the magical power of God. It carries the vision of teaching, demonstrating and imparting. It was incorporated in the year 2007 by Christ Embassy and since then have trained and equipped over 2000 ministers from the different countries around the globe. As a consequence to the impartations and training given to them, the students teach with great belief and precise knowledge.

The InnerCity Mission For Children – Another brilliant initiative in the name of God

It is an NGO, started by Christ Embassy, based on faith and is dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty. It gives poor, deprived, vulnerable and excluded children the access to food, clean water, shelter, sanitation, health care services and information and formal education.